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The company MPM is registred at the trade register since 1998

MPM is a Limited Company with a fully paid capital of CHF 100'000.--.
The company use a self-financing policy.
Mr. ALTHAUS was previously director in two big groups.
He has a manager training, and he attended the course of the CPCG (Centre de Perfectionnement des Cadres, Genève), CDE (Cours Suisse Direction d'Entreprises) and of the INSEAD in Fontainebleau.
Mr. ALTHAUS is a member of MCEI (Marketing Communication Executive International) and of the AIC (American International Club of Geneva).
Mr. PLANAS comes from the technical domain, this explain his rigor in quality.
He joined the company MPM in 2000 and has a good knowledge about the profession and all the customers. MPM places the relation and the communication with its co-workers and partners in the foreground of its corporate culture.
MPM is a member of the AGENS (Association Genevoise des entrepreneurs en Nettoyage et de Services).

Ethics of the profession
Working conditions
MPM, member of the AGENS, (Association Genevoise des Entrepreneurs en Nettoyage et de Service) is signatory of the Collective Agreement in the cleaning sector, for the Canton of Geneva, which guarantees to its staff the respect for rules and manners in the profession, in salary and the social-security benefits.
Health and safety at work
In the permanent concern to guarantee the health and the safety at work for its co-workers, MPM answers the standards MSST (Mesures de Sécurité et Santé au Travai) through the organization AUDISEC, solution chosen by the AGENS.
M Althaus attended the course of health and safety at work of Audisec.
MPM presents its team
Its management team
Its quality controllers
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Its co-workers on the ground

It is more than 250 persons of 23 different nationalities that carry out a quality work to satisfy our customers.